Monday, September 16, 2013

White Trash Couture?

I come from a long line of white trash.  I don’t think that’s a bad thing.  It makes me interesting!  What says white trash more than cut off denim, an altered tee, and cheap beer? 

This month’s blog collective topic is denim.  A few years ago I was on the hunt for a short denim skirt in my size.  I looked everywhere….hunted high and low.  I couldn’t find anything.  I was totally discouraged and about to give up when I stumbled upon a long denim skirt at Catherines.  The fit was great, but the length was not.  I decided to buy it and hack off the bottom.  Voila, my short denim skirt.

Paired with my denim skirt is an “I’m Fat Let’s Party” tee that I recently purchased from Serbi T-Shirts.   I bought the 5X.  I didn't like the fit of the shirt as is and have always wanted to alter a tee.  My Pinterest search began for altered tees.  There are so many cute ways to alter one.  I chose a relatively easy alteration, because I didn't want to mess up this awesome shirt.  I cut the neckline, the hemline, and the sleeves.  On the back, I cut 4 horizontal slashes.  When I tried it on, I realized you really couldn't see the last slash, so I attached the bottom two together.  I wanted to cute up the shirt, thus the polka dot bows I made out of a small piece of material.  It was less than $1 of material from Hobby Lobby. 

Completing the outfit are a few of my wardrobe staples:  black leggings (Fashion Bug), a black tank (Old Navy), and Pabst Blue Ribbon (my local convenience store).  ;-)

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  1. Throw me a Pabst would ya? I love altering clothing! Nicely done dollface.

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  3. I'm so jealous of your ability to alter your clothing like that to make it look adorable. Color me impressed, you must wear this on glitterdong night....which is WHEN?

  4. I Love the croptop!! It looks so cool! :D

  5. Well, we all LOVE the altered look. I have a t-shirt in my drawer that is just waiting for scissors. You look FABULOUS!

  6. oh my gosh adorable.. im going to mail you some way more crafty than I.. very cute and i love the pabst blue ribbon pic...

  7. Great job! I like the bow design you created!