Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday OOTD

If you haven't heard about FatToo, you really need to check it out.  My whole outfit, minus the undergarments and shoes, is from the FatToo groups.  FatToo is a plus size resale group on Facebook.  Not only can you find awesome deals, but you can also meet some very interesting people.  Kinda weird to think I have grown close to women I have never met, but I have.  

Anyhoo, my dog bone dress is from Domino Dollhouse, in size 4x.  LOVE this dress.  It is so fun and the mint color is fab.  I have on a pleather bow belt from Torrid (size 4) and Fashion Bug leggings in a 4x. These leggings are the main reason I am sad FB is no longer in business. They are the best leggings for my shape and height.  My black and white headband is from the Candie's brand of accessories.  

Yes, I am always going to take self portraits in my bedroom.  It is what I do and they crack me up!  

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Leggings: Ahead of the Curve Blog Hop

I was recently "forced" to create a blog.  There are a group of women I met through a wonderful plus size resale group on Facebook called FatToo.  We are doing a monthly blog hop.  We get one topic and are free to run with it.  This month's topic was "legging like things".  I was a little late to the game, so I was originally a guest blogger.  Here was my blog post:

I love leggings.  They can totally change an outfit style wise, but do so much more!  Have a problem with chub rub or don’t want to shave your legs?  Put them on under a dress.  Have a top that is too long to be a top and too short to be a dress?  Put on some leggings. 
I never mix patterns.  Decided to try something new and this is what I came up with, coming to you from a self-portrait in my bedroom.  ;-)

For reference, I am a size 28/30 on top and a 34 on bottom. 

Asos polka dot swing dress in a size 24 (What?  A 24??!)
Zaftique zebra leggings in size 5z  
Lane Bryant belt, size 22/24
Iron Fist flats
Pick Your Plum polka dot hair bow

Ahead of the Curve Blog Hop

We are a collective of plus size bloggers coming together to post on the same subject now and then, so you can experience different points of view on the same subject. This month we each have a post on "Legging Like Things" so check out our individual posts by clicking on each link.