Friday, December 20, 2013

Don’t wait for the perfect occasion, wear it NOW!!!

I love to dress up.  I love all things that sparkle.  The holiday season is the perfect time for both of those.  I was recently invited to a casual Christmas party.  Casual smasual!  I was dressing up!!!  Glam and glitz on the Nikki menu, for sure.  Was I overdressed for the party?  YES.  Did I care?  Not one lick.  Did people notice me and comment?  Yes.  But, because of my size, people usually notice me.  If they are going to look, I might as well have the package wrapped in something worth looking at.  ;-)  I had been waiting for an excuse to wear this Igigi dress and I couldn’t find a better one than “the time to wear it is now”.  This dress was an eBay find for around $40.  Have no idea how much it was originally, but knowing Igigi it was a lot more.  It is a size 30/32 floor length silver dress with a little bit of rhinestone detail at the neckline.  The silver sparkle/bows shoes are from Marshalls.  

December Ahead of the Curve: 2013

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