Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fat Girls Can

Fat girls can’t wear prints? Yes, they can.  I am fat.  I don’t believe wearing a huge floral print is going to make me look any smaller or bigger than I am.  Yes, some colors and cuts might be more flattering on a particular body, but I am going to wear and do what makes me happy!  I am going to wear prints.  I am going to be a pinup girl.  I am going to leave my house and spread my fabulousness around for the world to enjoy!  
I recently had the pleasure of working with Keke.  She owns Peepshow Studios in Waco, TX.  She specializes in vintage pinup and old Hollywood glamour photography.  She works with women of all shapes/sizes and makes them feel so beautiful and special while doing it!  For my photo shoots, I wore prints. 

Dresses:  Leopard print dress from SWAK’s Curvy Kitten line in a size 4 (this particular dress runs a little big) and Torrid’s Playing Card dress in a size 5.  

Banner created by Elizabeth Tamny: http://www.elizabethtamny.com

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