Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Animal Print with EVERYTHING!

This month's Ahead of the Curve blog topic is "mismatched".  I had a hard time with this topic.  I do have patterns in my closet, but they don't really go together in any way.  I also end up wearing the same patterns with the same solids.  I don't mix things up.  I get stuck in a fashion rut.  This topic forced me to look at my closet with new eyes.  Now I am pairing animal prints with everything!
Last week, I wore this combo.....a zigzag striped dress and animal print shoes.

(Dress is custom size from eShakti, cardigan is from Cato, purse is Lux de Ville, and shoes are Jessica Simpson)

This week, I wore a polka dot dress and a leopard print cardigan.  I am now in love with mixing prints!

(Polka dot dress is from Asos, cardigan and belt are from Torrid)

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